After the Adventure, Transformation Begins

Adventures in Missions, a faith-based non-profit organization based in Georgia, sends people all over the world on missions trips of varying lengths. Regardless of how long they’re “out in the field,” we believe that each participant returns transformed – albeit only slightly different.


Off to School for the First Time

Education empowers, broadens horizons and turns children into productive adults contributing to society. It is because of this that the mission of House of Blue Hope is to transform the lives of at risk youth through education. Providing educational opportunities to children in dire need of them is by far the single most powerful thing that can be done in Tanzania, a country full of disadvantaged and homeless children.


Back to School with iMentor

Cleo Cavolo and Waine Tam of iMentor took time out of their busy workday to speak with Mightycause about mentoring, and how they share in the “Back to School” experience with their own mentees.


Catching up with 4GGL

Jin In, Founding Director of 4Girls Glocal Leadership (4GGL), sat down with Mightycause to talk about how her upbringing led her to become an advocate for girls’ empowerment and ultimately…


Offering Nonprofits the Best Value in Online Charitable Giving

Beginning October 1, 2010, we will process all donations made through Mightycause at a simple, flat rate of only 2.9 percent — one of the lowest rates available in the online giving industry. Ultimately, this is going to allow more donation dollars to go directly to nonprofits than most other online giving sites, many of whom charge 5%, 7.5%, and even up to 15% of the donation amount.


Back to School with IPDC in New Orleans and Philadelphia

IPDC provides free arts camps to children who have experienced a natural and/or socio-economic disasters. We specifically provide learning experiences for low-income children during school breaks. Summer is a prime time for fun and relaxation for most students. But for the nation’s most vulnerable students, summer often means a learning loss.


Mightycause Tops Mashable’s List of Social Fundraising Platforms

We were ecstatic to be featured on Geoff Livingston’s post on social fundraising tools, published on Mashable just two days ago.


A Pencil Transforms

A pencil. It is wood. It is graphite. It’s a perfect cylinder that fits in the grasp of any hand.


Going Back to School

This is a guest blog post from Monique Schmidt, Program Director at the Akilah Institute for Women. Throughout August, Mightycause will be featuring giving opportunities related to education, mentoring, and…