Walking the Road to Change Together

“We began walking the road to change. It’s about restoring hope in different things you do in the community, but it’s also about instilling pride. With pride comes hope.” – Bill Ziegler

This is just one of many powerful statements made in the Fund of the Sacred Circle (FSC) video found on their Mightycause campaign page. Featured on our home page currently for Freedom month and as a project of the Headwaters Foundation for Justice, we are writing about FSC this week in honor of social justice and the need to protect civil rights for everyone.

Much of what the FSC fights for doesn’t just protect their own indigenous cultures either, but the well-being of the entire community. They fight for our water and our soil, knowing how precious and how scarce healthy, potable water is in the world. They fight for safety in the community, “instilling pride” in order to foster hope and the drive for a better future.

Of course, the FSC isn’t the only group fighting for social justice in the world. The Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice is on a mission to provide a space for all social advocacy groups in their area to meet and pool their resources. In the wake of the State of New York’s announcement back in June that they could not currently afford to keep supporting the 30,000 social-service agencies they had contracted, we applaud the Syracuse Center for working so hard to create a space for social justice groups who would not have a space otherwise or resources to draw from.

Social justice nonprofits like the FSC and the Syracuse Center demonstrate the power of collaboration as well as its necessity, especially in our current economic situation. Our contributions, when pooled together, become a powerful force for change in the world, a change for good, and just like we are fighting for these social justices here in America, we can share our successes with the rest of the world.

Before Freedom month comes to an end, we encourage everyone seek out a social justice group you support, follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook, and start commenting on their blogs. Funding is important, but your time, your attention and your voice are just as crucial to social justice and community advocacy groups, more so even. Here are links to a couple more groups we are highlighting this month, groups fighting for social justice on a global scale: International Bridges to Justice & Somaly Mam Foundation