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There are educational programs and professional organizations for nonprofit professionals all over the United States, but much of the training nonprofit workers get is scattershot. Especially if they work for small nonprofits. Employees learn on their feet, through experience, through mentorship, and trial and error. And that’s one of the reasons Mightycause takes such pride in our free fundraising resources for nonprofits — it’s part of our overall mission of empowering nonprofits to fundraise smarter so they can get to work making the world a better place.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve gathered all of our resources into one digital classroom — the Mightycause Resource Center.

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Webinars & Ebooks for Deep Dives

If you’re looking for a comprehensive look at subjects like engaging your board, securing and successfully utilizing a matching grant, peer-to-peer or event fundraising, our Resource Center has just the fundraising resources you need.

On-Demand and Live Nonprofit Webinars

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Each month, Mightycause’s fundraising experts host an in-depth, hour-long webinar that’s free to nonprofit users. We cover topics ranging from #GivingTuesday fundraising, to fundraising during a pandemic, to managing an event. And you can access all of those webinars through our Resource Center.

Past Webinars:

One of the most common questions the Mightycause team hears after a webinar is, “I missed this webinar! Is there a recording?” Well, now you have unfettered access to a full library of our recorded webinars! That’s hours and hours of free fundraising content we’ve made available, at absolutely no cost.

From how to start a recurring giving program to SEO and website design for nonprofit organizations to donor acquisition & retention strategies, we’ve got content that will help your sharpen your skills, find inspiration, and fundraise even better.

(This is a great place to send new employees or volunteers to learn the ropes of nonprofit fundraising!)

Future webinars:

Want to plan out your next few months, or have a new employee sign up for some training webinars? Do you want a demo of Mightycause’s Advanced tools? In our Webinar Library, you can view upcoming webinars and find subjects that interest you and time that work for your schedule.


Ebook Library

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fundraising resources: man sitting in a library readingOur content is one of the things we’re most proud of at Mightycause. Over the years, our team has worked hard building a formidable catalog of ebooks focused on fundraising strategy. And now, they’re all gathered in one place in our Ebook Library.

Whether you’re looking to brush up on Event fundraising before a big campaign, trying to find the best way to engage peer-to-peer fundraisers, or studying up on the basics of nonprofit fundraising as you get your organization off the ground, we’ve got an ebook for you! Our digital shelves are chock full of fundraising resources that will help your nonprofit engage your supporters and build memorable campaigns. (And, even better, the books are free at our library! And no late fees!)


Case Studies

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When you’re planning a fundraising campaign, it can be helpful to see some examples of fundraising efforts that were successful, whether it’s a past success at your nonprofit or another organization that did well. We know exactly how important it is to learn from others doing what you do, especially in the nonprofit sector where so little formal training exists. You need to learn from your peers. And so, we’ve compiled case studies to inspire you.

Find fundraising campaigns that have done well, struck a chord with donors, and utilized creative strategies to reach their goals!

Case Studies

Fundraising Ideas

fundraising resources: image of women with glasses looking at library books on a shelfSo, fundraising ideas are generally where campaigns start, right? And there are a ton of lists out there, just a Google search away. But, let’s be honest, not all of those fundraising ideas were compiled by people who actually work for and with nonprofits. And not all of them are feasible for small organizations.

Our fundraising ideas were compiled by Mightycause’s fundraising experts, culled from their own personal experiences as nonprofit employees and from years spent watching nonprofits fundraise on our platform. We’ve got fundraising ideas for Events & Teams, education nonprofits, animal nonprofits, and more! Our fundraising ideas resources should be your first stop when you’re looking for ideas for your next great campaign.

Fundraising Ideas

Support Resources

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The most important of all fundraising resources are support resources. Knowing all the innovative strategies in the world and using the most creative ideas means nothing if you’re struggling to use the platform! Mightycause prides itself on our platform being intuitive and easy to use, even for entry-level users. But, sometimes we all need a little help. And Mightycause’s support center is all about giving you the resources you need to be successful.

Our support center has everything you need, whether you’re a nonprofit administrator, a bookkeeper, a volunteer running an Event for your favorite nonprofit, or a donor wondering how to update you recurring donation.

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