Off to School for the First Time

This is a guest blog post from Jenna Riedi, Development Director at House of Blue Hope.

As Fall quickly approaches and children across the United States return to school, three boys in Tanzania are attending school for the first time in their lives. Rahim, like the other two new boys at the House of Blue Hope, was not attending school. A few weeks ago Rahim’s priority was addressing basic needs like food and shelter.

House of Blue Hope will give Rahim an education at some of Tanzania’s best schools. One day, Rahim will look back on his first day of school as not only a new experience but also as the day he was given a chance at a new life. The love and desire for education is deeply ingrained into Tanzanian children, it is unfortunate that more cannot be given the opportunity being presented to Rahim.

Education empowers, broadens horizons and turns children into productive adults contributing to society. It is because of this that the mission of House of Blue Hope is to transform the lives of at risk youth through education. Providing educational opportunities to children in dire need of them is by far the single most powerful thing that can be done in Tanzania, a country full of disadvantaged and homeless children.

House of Blue Hope’s goal is to make sure every vulnerable child is able to obtain a good education, achieve their own goals in terms of career choice, and provide for their families. We pride ourselves on providing children in our care with the highest quality of education at a private school and offer additional opportunities such as career counseling, community service activities, and extra tutoring.

When you take your child back to school shopping or glance at a bus full of young students, think of Rahim because without caring donors such as you, Rahim would never have a first day of school.

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Jenna Riedi is the Development Director of House of Blue Hope. Blue Hope is primarily focusing on working with education, poverty, and children’s issues in Tanzania, East Africa and has done so by constructing and supporting a residential and educational facility and its outreach program. House of Blue Hope participated in the 2010 March Goodness competition and finished 3rd in the East Region.

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