A Cute Animal and Good Cause: Dogs with the Mondays

In honor of our monthly celebration of animals, we are beside ourselves to present a new blog series: A Cute Animals and Good Cause. Alright, so we’re partially excited because it means we have an excuse to post adorable animal pictures on our blog. But it also provides us an opportunity to showcase some of the amazing work being done for the sake of our animal friends. From providing abandoned animals shelter or protecting the wildlife in the jungle, we can’t wait to celebrate some of the wonderful and unique work.

For our inaugural post, we have the above YouTube video which depicts one boxer’s morning ritual. It looks like someone has a pretty awful case of the Mondays!

Want to make someone else’s day? Check out Canine Partners For Life, an organization that provides service dogs to people with disabilities. Most canine partners cost about $22,000, but Canine Partners for Life makes it possible to provide these dogs using donor contributions.

You can help Canine Partners for Life in many ways:

$20 provides training aids for one dog in training

$24 provides breakfast for the dogs in training for one day.

$30 provides a leash, collar and training vest for one puppy.

$50 pays for breakfast and dinner for all the dogs in the kennel for one day.

$150 allows one litter of puppies to have all their shots, womers and well visits.

$1,000 pays for one service dog harness.

Donate or learn more at Canine Partners for Life’s Mightycause page.

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