What Would You Do?

This is a question I’ve been pondering recently (I think about all kinds of deep, serious stuff on my walk home from work):

“If I could leverage a talent, passion or hobby of mine to start a nonprofit, what would it be?”

I used to swim competitively.  I’ve thought about wanting to start and coach a swim club for special needs children.

I like cooking – it is a favorite hobby.  If I could start a nonprofit related to food, I would want to address the issue of childhood obesity and provide education to parents and kids on how to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Your turn now. Leave your good ideas below!

1 thought on “What Would You Do?”

  1. Great question! Since I love to read, and have since childhood, I would start a non-profit that encourages children to read. Specifically, since I’m from the rural South, I would seek to get good books in the hands of children in those areas. Especially those from more economically challenged areas.

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