11 Benefits of Blogging for your Nonprofit

Ten years ago, blogging used to be called journaling. And  for good reason.

It was mainly pursued as a way of expressing one’s personal thoughts and ideas. Essentially a personal pursuit and certainly not a business tool.

But not, blogging has become an essential marketing tool for brands and nonprofits. Organizations like Oceana and the National Wildlife Federation use blogging as an advocacy tool, a way to more intimately connect with constituents, and a way to drive traffic to their website.

11 Benefits of Blogging:

Here are just a few benefits you can expect from blogging for your organization:

  1. Your blog will enable you to deepen relationships with your fans. They find fresh, relevant content that is useful them – and have a place where they feel heard.
  2. Your blog will be a tool to enhance and develop valuable partnerships with other non-profits.
  3. Your blog can be a powerful way to attract new visitors by demonstrating social proof.
  4. People using Google will find your non-profit a lot easier if you have a blog. Blogs get much more search engine juice than traditional, static websites.
  5. Your key executives will learn to speak in a more human voice through blogging.
  6. You, yourself will become a better writer through regular blogging.
  7. You can trash your marketing theory in exchange for valuable insight into why donors really give you money.
  8. You will experience a spike in the number of visits and depth of engagement from your fans.
  9. You can increase donor conversion rates with content that is relevant and useful.
  10. You’ll empower your board members to talk about why they love your non-profit, and possibly reawaken their sense of mission.
  11. Instead of waiting for your IT intern to return your call, you’ll communicate urgent news very fast with your blog.

How has your organization used blogging?