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There is a great deal of confusion about social fundraising today. From claims of slacktivism and weak ties to clear evidence of major successes and reports of millions of dollars raised, there is no universal understanding of best practices for social fundraising.  To elevate the conversation towards best practices, Mightycause in conjunction with Zoetica is retitling its blog to Inspiring Generosity and has hired several ace bloggers and video producers.

The new editorial effort features nonprofit bloggers Alex Bornkessel, John Haydon and Estrella Rosenberg, as well as videographer Chris Suspect. Geoff Livingston will lead the editorial team. RAD Campaign is in the process of redesigning the blog and associated social properties (stay tuned). These voices have been charged to write blogs and create videos that will rise above Mightycause’s specific marketing needs, and serve the sector with trend analysis, best practices regardless of technology vendor, and case studies.

Donors, nonprofits and fundraisers are often left wondering what to do, how to do it, and if their efforts have made any impact.  Many nonprofits don’t see the value of social fundraising.  Donors are often left feeling hit up for cash. And social fundraisers are frustrated with their efforts, often left to themselves to figure it out.

While there is continued development to better the tools serving the sector, the interactions between donors, nonprofits and free agent fundraisers are often transactional. Relationship cultivation and development best practices are rarely discussed in conjunction with social fundraising.

It is our hope to change these current trends. Mightycause and our partners in Inspiring Generosity believe the act of social fundraising can become a moment of relational strengthening.  By bettering the ecosystem and creating stronger ties between donors, nonprofits and fundraisers — all investors — we can further advance the nonprofit sector’s goals of social change.

We hope you feel the same way. Please let us know if you have any thoughts about or feedback for the Inspiring Generosity effort.

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