Making Pancakes and Storytelling

My son’s soccer coach came up with a play that finally connected with the kids.

He called the “pancake.” One player kicks the ball from the corner to another player who kicks it back as as make their way towards the goal. The play essentially flips the ball back and forth between two players-like a pancake, preventing the opposing team from getting the ball.

Up until the “pancake” was introduced, it was difficult for the kids to understand what it meant to be open, and what it meant to create space on the field between each play. “Creating space” and “looking for openings” were just theories and ideas—something utterly meaningless to a 10-year old.

The pancake put it altogether in a way that was instantly accessible. The kids understood everything when presented in a way they could see in their minds.

Keep it Simple

Nonprofits should do the same. Stop with the big ideas and theories!

For example, DonorsChoose could talk about the impact that the lack of funding for teachers has on kids. Instead, they connect you to a teacher and her project.


Simple, immediate and relatable.

What do you think?

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