Online fundraising meets matching grants: Double your support of Minnesota youth

For many of us who help others through monetary gifts, the big question is: How can I maximize the impact of my gift to the causes I care about?

Minnesotans are encountering a special opportunity this week when their gifts will be twice as effective as normally. From Sept 28 to Oct 5, GiveMN is hosting the Bremer Give-to-the-Kids Challenge — one week in which the Otto Bremer Foundation will donate one dollar for every dollar given to Minnesota youth, a 1-to-1 match up to $300,000.

This means that organizations doing good have an opportunity for $600,000, if donors can provide the first $300,000. It’s double the dollars, double the impact, and double the help for the next generation in Minnesota.

Watch the video above to see a full explanation and see more testimonials on the GiveMN YouTube channel.

Why should you care?

– If you’re invested in the Minnesota community or in youth issues, this is your chance to double your contribution!

– Whether you’re a nonprofit or someone who likes to raise money for good causes, the Give-to-Kids Challenge provides an inspiring example of what happens when online fundraising meets and matching grant campaign.

Visit the Give MN website to learn more about the program and to help the kids in Minnesota!