Online Fundraising with Power: 10 Best Practices for DonateAnywhere

The angels are singing: You’ve set up your DonateAnywhere widget, and your donors can now experience the complete giving process on your website without ever leaving — you keep them on your page, where the inspiration first began.

But wait: How can you maximize your fundraiser’s power?

We took a look at all of the best DonateAnywhere fundraisers and identified 10 principles that the most effective fundraisers follow:

  1. Make your story personal, short, and sweet. This helps even the most easily-distracted, click-happy site visitors like me to quickly connect with you and your cause.
  2. Create a short headline. If the headline is too long the text does bleeds outside the box.
  3. Include a summary that creates urgency, promotes a tangible goal, and compels people to give.
  4. Create 3-5 donation levels, and include a tangible, practical impact description beside each suggested donation. For example, “$50 provides 5 meals for clients.”
  5. Sequence your suggested donation amounts from high to low level, top to bottom
  6. To upload a thumbnail, make sure the file is a JPEG or GIF that is 215 x 250 pixels in dimension
  7. Appearances matter. Your page will look best if you upload an image (Under “Edit Page”) that is 550 x 415 pixels in size.  Better yet, you can upload a YouTube video to give your page some bling.
  8. If you are an Administrator and created a PROJECT PAGE for the non-profit organization you work for (*It should say “A project of THE NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION” at the top of the page), you can also upload a logo that brands your pages. Simply log into your account with administrative privileges, select “My NPO” from the top right-hand corner, and then click on “NPO Details” to upload your organization’s logo. Note that you must upload a logo that is square in shape and 120 x 120 pixels in size.
  9. Think BBR: Set a fundraising goal that is Big But Realistic!
  10. Set an end-date for your fundraising campaign that gives your site visitors a sense of urgency to get movin’ and shakin’.

Now you are truly ready to DonateAnywhere!

Photo credit: Flickr/SashaW