Join the Twitter Chat: Is Crowd Funding Worth It?

We know the old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.” But did the sage ever ask: What if we crowd funded it?

Today’s #zooGood Twitter chat discusses crowd funding — the act of pooling resources, often online, to support organizations, causes and campaigns. Our featured guest today is Abby Flottemesch, development and engagement director at Atlas Corps, who will lead the discussion on the trend of crowdsourced philanthropy, when your organization should consider crowd funding, and how to gain widespread engagement.

Abby brings an experienced perspective to the discussion. She has worked for more than 10 years  in the social sector, including areas of development, communications, project management, youth leadership development, and community organization. Most recently, Abby worked as a Development Strategist for the Inter-American Culture and Development Foundation in Washington, DC and the Fundacion Escuela Nueva in Bogota, Colombia.

Please join our Twitter chat tonight. Here’s how:

  • Follow @Mightycause and search for the hashtag #zooGood (you can use either or a service like TweetChat).
  • Log onto Twitter at 9 pm EST.
  • Interact! Ask questions. Make comments. Engage with the experts.
  • See you there!

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