The (Mini) Social Media Fundraising Toolbox

Photo by bradley j

There is a lot of good information in this blog, so I compiled a list of what I think are the most useful ones to get your nonprofit started in online fundraising. Ready?

Narrowing Your Online Priorities

First, take some time to find out which social media platform will help you promote your nonprofit. This piece by John Haydon will help you sort out the difference between Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Using Social Media to Fundraise

Facebook can be one of the best ways you promote your fundraisers online, so this blog post will show you 5 ways to get more from the links you post on your page. If you’re serious about using social media to fundraise, this post from Lisa Gerber can help you get started on Twitter for the first time. And if you’re really excited about how social media can pump up your fundraising, check out this post on what Pinterest could do for you.

Social Media With a Plan

With everything you do online, make sure you’ve got a plan, people to help you manage it consistently, and buy-in from management. This blog post will also help you measure the success of your online fundraiser, so you can see the progress of your efforts online.

Building Your Online Community

Building an online community also includes finding those influencers (people with large networks) and this blog post by Margie Clayman will help you sort out and find those who’d be great champions for your cause.

Telling Your Nonprofit Story

The way you communicate online is a key element in how your fundraiser does, so check out this post on how to tell your nonprofit story. Because really, storytelling is the center of everything.

What other topics would you add? Do you have any blog posts you learned a lot from? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!