Sharing the Good News

Photo by tinou bao

There are few moments in our lives where amazing things happen, and in the life of a nonprofit organization, that’s no exception.

Nonprofits dedicate their organizational life to do brave things, using the power of collective action to find cures, save animals, build homes, honor heroes, or fight for justice. A step in the direction of the ultimate goal is a victory. A person whose life was changed for the better is triumph.

Most of the time, as someone who works at a nonprofit, or someone who can only volunteer a few hours a month, you may not think you’re producing an impact for one reason or another. But the work you do, your contribution, is always a big one. It’s part of the progress. Moving forward. An inch is closer than you were before.

And those inches are huge in the overall scene.

So that’s why every nonprofit, every individual who is doing something to change something in their community, has a great story to tell.

But the biggest reason why I think stories should be told—no, wait, they need to be told—is because by sharing the joy of your accomplishment with others who care and believe in what you’re doing, you’re extending the life of that joy.

The joy doesn’t last as long if you keep it to yourself, to only your coworkers or closest friends. Broadcasting it will let others join in on the momentous occasions, celebrate with you longer, and encourage you to keep going.

That’s why storytelling is so important.

So the next time you’re training for a 5K, tell your friends how many miles you ran this morning. Or when your nonprofit is able to get a roof over someone’s head, tell it to the world. Post a picture. Write a blog post. Record a video. Host a party.

And celebrate.