[Infographic] Giving Trends this Holiday Season

Tight Belts, Open Hearts: Holiday Giving this Season

As a nonprofit professional, you no doubt spend a lot of your time asking people for money, time, and recommendations. And this is how you keep the doors open and make an impact on the world.

But sometimes it feels like all you’re doing is take, take, take without giving anything in return.

In reality, you give people much more than they can ever get from an iPad Mini, or any other consumer product for that matter!

What Donors Get from Giving to Charities

Mightycause.com recently conducted a survey of over 2,000 people that revealed just how much value people get from donating.

First of all, 50% of the respondents said they will most likely donate to charity this holiday season. That may not seem like a big deal because, after all, it is the season of giving.

What’s truly inspiring is how determined people are to give the holiday season, even if they don’t have a job!

The survey found that 47% of those who said they would donate are actually unemployed. What this says is that giving is not about money, tax donations, or even ability. It’s about something deeper.

Donating to Charity as a Core Family Value

When you think of all the people who support your cause, chances are you forget children. After all, they don’t have jobs so how could they possibly help?


71% of the survey participants believe parents should teach the importance of giving to their children.

This highlights a huge opportunity for nonprofits to work more closely with parents to nurture donor relationships with children!

Donating is a Drug

According to Mightycause.com’s survey, people find donating to others to be one of their three favorite “feel good” activities.

Donating to others in need falls right behind two other things we all love:

  • — Being in love (56%)
  • — Hugging my children (48%)
  • — Donating to others in need (45%)

Check out the entire infograph below (and feel free to download!):