25 Women in Marketing & NPOs You Should Know

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In honor of International Women’s Day last Friday, I’m giving a shout-out to 25 women in marketing and nonprofits that are making a difference! Take a moment and follow them–you should know them too!

1. Ifdy Perez–Ifdy is our editorial boss here at Inspiring Generosity. She keeps us on track but in a way that makes you feel like she’s not REALLY keeping you on track. For as long as I’ve blogged here I’ve never been confused about what I was supposed to be doing or why, and Ifdy has the blog running like a fine-oiled machine. Not an easy accomplishment when you are working with lots of writers! Find Ifdy here on Twitter.

2. Lindsay Bell-Wheeler–Lindsay is in charge of content for SpinSucks.com, one of the biggest and most popular blogs in the world of social media. Every workday SpinSucks churns out two posts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It’s a pretty crazy schedule but Lindsay keeps it moving, and even has time to update the world about her new puppy whilst snarking with still other folks. You can find Lindsay on Twitter here.

3. Michele Price–Michele writes blog posts regularly, runs an extremely successful radio show (#BBSRadio), runs #SpeakChat on Twitter, and owns her own company, Social Media for Smart People. Michele is a no-nonsense kind of woman who is never afraid to say what she thinks, even if you might not *like* it. Find Michele and learn from her on Twitter.

4. Carol Roth–Carol is one of my mentors in the world of social media and business. She is a published author (The Entrepreneur Equation, a great book), she is constantly appearing on television shows, she has her own radio show, and she always knows exactly what is happening with her Chicago sports teams (much to my chagrin they are always beating up my Cleveland sports teams, but that’s a different story). Find Carol here.

5. Gini Dietrich–While it’s true that there would be warfare if I mentioned Lindsay here and not Gini, the fact is that I would have mentioned both women anyway. Gini is seemingly always traveling, and when she isn’t traveling she is speaking. Or blogging. Everywhere. Also, she is working on two books at one time and has already co-published Marketing in the Round with Geoff Livingston. Try to keep track of Gini via Twitter.

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6. Susie Parker–Susie is a brilliant marketer, a loving mother, a charitable soul, and funny as heck. How she has time to do everything as well as she does is a mystery to this woman right here. When Susie isn’t doing things for local charities or her beloved Winnipeg, she is supporting other people, other efforts, and other cities. Follow Susie here.

7. Lisa N. Alexander–Lisa is a recently published author of a book called This Woman Knows. She is a wonderful wife and mother who is entirely devoted to her family (you should see how her dog has her wrapped around his paws!). She is also devoted in a religious sense. And on top of all of that, she is a mad smart woman with excellent marketing and business advice. Follow her on Twitter!

8. Shonali Burke–Shonali shames me almost every day. Why? Well, first of all she always has a chipper “Good morning” so that everyone can start the day off happily. Then she posts about how she is going to her boot camp workout. Meanwhile, I’m slowly getting out of bed, quietly cursing her name. 🙂 Shonali is one of the most brilliant women in business and PR you could hope to meet (heck, she teaches at Johns Hopkins), and she also finds time for all kinds of speaking engagements. Find Shonali here.

9. Kaarina Dillabough–Kaarina used to coach Olympic athletes. Now she uses that patience and wisdom to guide businesses and . . . me. Kaarina is warm despite her cold Canadian surroundings, has a great sense of humor, and can make me smile at the drop of a hat. Meet Kaarina here.

10. Dr. Susan Giurleo–I call her Doktah Gee, but Susan has a real down-to-earth approach to matters of the mind, which are just as important as matters of the body. Susan also believes that a mentally healthy person can not only brighten the world for those around them, they can also really change the world for the better. I’m a big fan of that philosophy, not to mention of Susan herself! Find her here!

11. Dr. Martina McGowan–Martina pretty much says it all in her Twitter bio: “Servant, MD, blogger, seminary stud, Momi, Ma’mere, sexual assault survivor’s advocate, writer, minister, speaker, leader, connector.” She is always supportive of others, always has a kind word, and I’m darned glad I know her. You can get to know her here!

12. Amber-Lee Dibble–I just had the privilege of reading Amber-Lee’s book called My Identity Crisis. I highly recommend it. Amber-Lee works for Pioneer Outfitters up in Alaska and her life as a guide is far different from my everyday world. Yet Amber-Lee also struggles with work-life balance, reaching her dreams, and issues we all can relate to. Find Amber-Lee here.

13. Erin Feldman–As I write this, Erin is getting ready to present at SXSW. She has been published by The Huffington Post, and yet she carries no airs. She is funny, super talented, always supportive, and is getting a company started called Write Right that is going to be awesome. Find Erin here on Twitter.

14. Nancy Davis–Nancy probably does not realize how inspiring she is to other people, so I thought I would tell you about her, and maybe remind her of the fact. Nancy has had a tough couple of years, but she keeps plugging away. Along the way she offers funny observations, kind words for friends, and mouth-watering descriptions of what she’s cooking. Nancy hasn’t tweeted for awhile, but you should follow her anyway to say hi. 🙂

15. Jeannette Baer–Known as @myagenda on Twitter, I’ve known Jeannette for just about as long as I’ve been online. She is incredibly smart, kind, a force of nature, and is divine when it comes to connecting people. You can find her right here.

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16. Jillian Jackson–Jillian is super smart, seems to find time to support everybody everywhere, is a great networker, and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She is a great writer, too, so when you go say hi, tell her we all want to hear more from her. 🙂 You can do that by tweeting her here.

17. Sherree Worrell–Sherree is one of the people I go to when I need no-nonsense advice, whether it’s for work or life. Or The Walking Dead. She has just started working for a really cool start-up in San Francisco called The Teaching Channel, and she is  a wonderful writer who needs to write more. 🙂 Find Sherree here!

18. Jill Manty–A loving home-schooling mother, a devoted wife, a talented web designer, an even-tempered, no-nonsense wise woman. That’s just a smidge of what you get when you get to know Jill Manty. (Her husband George ain’t bad either, but hey, this is for the ladies!) Meet Jill and say hello here!

19. Mila Araujo–Mila is an expert marketer and business woman, a natural leader of people, an honest friend, a great supporter (of seemingly everyone), a talented speaker and writer, and did I mention she started the 140MTL Conference last year? She is a hard worker, and a great friend. Say hi here.

20. Sam Parrotto–I met Sam fairly early on in my social media experience. She has become one of my closest friends and is always pushing me to be my best–in a lot of different ways. With her new company, Expedition Self, she is doing this for a lot of people. If you are lucky enough to meet Sam I guarantee you will immediately be impressed by her warmth and wisdom. So get started right here!

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21. Molly Cantrell-Kraig–Founder of Women with Drive, you’ve heard me wax poetical about Molly quite often, and with good reason. Funny as all get-out, outgoing, a loving mom, and loving to most people now that I think about it, Molly is a constant inspiration. Get in on the good stuff and follow her here!

22. Karima-Catherine Goundiam–One of the most exciting things to happen to me last year was when Karima-Catherine invited me to co-host a chat with her. I’ve admired this lady for just about as long as I’ve been online, and to think she’d want to have little ole me on #MMChat made me feel quite happy and honored. Karima-Catherine is a brilliant woman, multi-lingual, a devoted mama, and funny, funny, funny. Get to know her here.

23. Amy Tobin–I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Amy fairly well over the last couple of years. She is a great business woman, a great saleswoman, a great writer, and seemingly is everywhere all of the time. She has an outrageous sense of humor and is another friend who will always speak her mind. Get to know her here!

24. Mary Biever–Mary is a great social media and marketing mind, but what has caught my attention lately is Mary’s desire to teach others from her recent health scare; Mary had a heart problem, but instead of getting down on herself, she is offering recipe ideas, and letting people know how to care for themselves better. Follow this great lady here.

25. Estrella Rosenberg–Estrella is another woman I’ve talked about often here. Full of life, vivacious, and capable of turning all of her experiences into ways to better the world, Estrella is a woman I’m so glad I met. You’ll be glad, too. Go get to know her here.

Of course, I could go on and on. I am very fortunate to know so many great women, including, in addition to this list, Susan Fox, Dawn Westerberg, Dawn Rasmussen, Liva Judic, and Hessie Jones, and of course my mom, my aunts, and my beautiful cousins.

Now the question is, what women do you get to celebrate in your life?