New Features for April

Today, our development team released a few new features and enhancements to make your next team fundraising endeavor even easier and more social. Check them out and let us know what you think – we always love hearing from you!  You can email with any feedback or questions.

1. Team captains can now instantly invite potential team members.

On your team page, click the green, “Invite Members,” button. Enter the email addresses of the individuals you want to invite to join. They will receive an email from you about the team you are building, allowing them to check it out for themselves.

2. Team captains can create fundraiser templates for team members to use.

Want to help team members with the content of their fundraising pages? Select “Fundraiser Template” from the menu on your team page. Once you have created your template, team members will be able to use the text you have provided to create their fundraising page – your template completes all the basics for them.


3. Fundraisers can join a team and create their fundraising page with one click.

Once a team captain has saved a fundraiser template, joining the team couldn’t be any easier. Simply click the button on the team page that says, “Create a Page,” and Mightycause creates a fundraiser for you based on the team captain’s template.

4. Team captains can email updates to their team members.

Make communication easier using your team page. Select “E-mail Team” to quickly send a message to all of your team members.