The Most Important Question to Ask a New Donor


Photo by Jenn Durfey

When someone donates to your cause for the first time, there is a critical piece of information they have that you need.

This information is so important because it will actually help you get more donors in the future!

This question is also the easiest question for your donor to answer…

What made you donate to our organization?

Once you understand what you did right that caused them to act, you will do more of it!

Now, because this is such an important question you don’t want to simply get their answer via e-mail.  The best way to get a sincere answer to this question is to call them on the phone and simply ask.

Obviously you might not be able to call every new donor, but you won’t need to. Just call as many as you can until the reasons they donate smacks you right in the forehead.

It doesn’t get more simple than that