Cracking the Crowdfunding Code [INFOGRAPHIC]

The team at craigconnects created a beautiful infographic to celebrate the third anniversary of their founding. It’s called Cracking the Crowdfunding Code, and it highlights the effectiveness of crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding raised more than $5 billion worldwide last year, and the average donation was $88!

The average fundraiser raised $535, with the largest campaign being Kony 2012 from Invisible Children.

It also highlights proven best practices:

  • Fundraisers with a video raised 2x more than those without a video.
  • Fundraisers that get their first donation within the first three days are more likely to hit their goal than those who don’t.
  • Nonprofits who raise the most do so because they have engaged their community in a meaningful way before asking for money.
  • Nonprofits and fundraisers who raise the most do so by telling powerful and personal stories.
  • They also set realistic goals and promote their fundraiser to their personal network via multiple channels.
  • Nonprofits who branded their fundraising page raised more money.
  • Successful nonprofits also create unique, meaningful, and fun campaigns. For example, a fundraiser writing the names of everyone donor on their legs on race day.

The infographic ends with a reminder to thank your donors via email, social media, phone, and in person. Regardless of how much they gave!