Announcing the Next Level of Event Fundraising with Mightycause

Mightycause’s team fundraising product has always been one of our most popular offerings. We’ve hosted thousands of team fundraisers on our platform — and teams have raised millions of dollars for charitable causes. Our fundraising tool is the best in the market for fundraising events, and people joining together to fundraise for a cause. And we’re kicking off 2019 with a serious upgrade to teams, that will help you and your supporters raise even more. We’re proud to announce Event Fundraising on Mightycause!

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How Event Fundraising Works

Event fundraising is designed for any situation where a group of individuals will be working together to raise money for a cause. Starting an Event on Mightycause is quick and easy. You create a page, choose your cause, and invite people to join your Event and fundraise on your behalf!

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Mightycause’s Events product makes it simple and easy to launch, coordinate and manage large-scale events. Whether you’re hosting a marathon, charity walk, polar bear plunge, gala, or school fundraiser with competing classes, Mightycause’s modern and user-friendly design helps you manage your event at every step of the process.

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Benefits of Event Fundraising

Event fundraising is all about strength in numbers. Historically, teams on Mightycause have raised 30% more than standalone peer-to-peer or nonprofit fundraisers. That’s because with each person that joins your Event or your team, your fundraiser’s reach grows. Each person has a network of people who may be new to the cause. And each of these people is a new opportunity to spread the word about the work of your cause doing great things in the world.

Inspiring Friendly Competition

Event fundraising has gamification built into its very structure. Individuals and team members compete on leaderboards, setting the stage for friendly competitions that push your Event members and teams to raise more for the cause.

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Added Engagement for Your Biggest Supporters

Event fundraising allows people to show up to support the nonprofits they care about in a new, fresh, fun way. Instead of simply making direct donations, Events allow supporters to get involved. By asking their social network to support their efforts, they can have a bigger impact and show their commitment to the cause. Each member gets their own individual page. And on their page, they can talk about their reason for raising money for charity, why this cause is important to them, and their connection to the work they support.

For business partners, board members, volunteers, and staff members, it’s a meaningful and fun extension of the work they already do.

New Ways to Team Up

Event fundraising on Mightycause allows groups of people to team up to fundraise for an Event. This opens the door for even more friendly competition, gamification, and even new fundraising opportunities!

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Event fundraising is the perfect solution for workplaces, businesses joining forces to fundraise for charity, school fundraisers, and more!

Online Component for Live Events

Charity walks, marathons, and fun runs are staples of nonprofit fundraising. But some of these old-school methods can rely too heavily on cash and check donations that need to be manually collected and counted after the event. With Mightycause’s Events product, you can seamlessly incorporate an online fundraising component to these events. And with Mightycause’s mobile-responsive technology, that means even the busiest people can sign up, fundraise, and donate on the go.

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No more collecting envelopes of cash and counting checks. Mightycause brings your live event into the digital age, so you can go even bigger, engage more people, and raise more money for your cause.

Event Fundraising Features

Event fundraising on Mightycause has all the features users of our nonprofit and team fundraising products know and love:

  • Mobile-responsive design to engage users and donors from anywhere, on any device
  • Powerful customization options that allow you to create striking, creative pages
  • The ability to set up recurring donations
  • Detailed donation reporting
  • Control over the checkout process (through the Donor Experience tool)
  • The ability to add Dedications & Designations
  • Event management tools through the Members dashboard
  • In-app messaging for all Event members and teams
  • Fundraiser templates to help Event members hit the ground running

Events also adds the crucial ability to allow members to create teams within an Event. Creating and managing a team within an Event is simple, easy, and will help individuals work cooperatively to fundraise. And, of course, it adds an additional component of competition and excitement!

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Raise More, Pay Less with Event Fundraising on Mightycause

In addition to being the most powerful and modern event fundraising product on the market, Mightycause is also the most cost-effective. Unlike our competitors, Mightycause charges no upfront fee and with the ability to encourage donors to cover the 4% platform fee on transactions, organizations often end up paying less than they would for a simple PayPal donate button (and getting so much more).

That’s right: You don’t need to fork over large amounts of money to raise money on Mightycause. You simply sign up, start your Event, and start fundraising. And because our fees are the lowest in the market, your cause will see more of the money you raise.

Easy Event Management

Anyone who has ever had to plan and coordinate an event can tell you it’s no surprise “event planner” ends up on list after list of the most stressful jobs! It’s hard work. And that’s why Mightycause has designed tools to make managing your Event as easy as possible.

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Keep Tabs on Members

The Members dashboard allows Event organizers to invite new members, view and message existing members, see where they are in the publishing process and what they’ve raised. And member reports can easily be exported for additional management. So, with our Members tool, you’ll be able to keep everyone on track, and offer help to those who might need a hand getting published.

Flexible Settings

Every event is different. And that’s why you can easily control the structure and settings of your event. Want to include offline donations? Or, alternatively, turn them off? You can do it with the click of your mouse. Do you want to make sure your Board of Directors challenge is invite-only? You have full control of who joins your team. And if you want to allow members to raise money for different charities, you can easily turn on that option. You can even change your funding goal, and how your leaderboards are ranked.

Mightycause’s Events product is nimble enough to suit all kinds of events. And we make setting up the right structure, and changing it based on your needs, easier than any of our competitors.

Detailed Event Reporting

A Mightycause staffer once volunteered to help a local animal shelter with their walkathon. And spent a full day in a room with other volunteers, counting cash that came to them in envelopes, tallying up checks. That left one poor development coordinator with a mess of handwritten worksheets with names and donation amounts to make sense of and enter into the shelter’s database.

Mightycause is designed to eliminate all of that tiresome work. The nonprofit benefiting from your Event fundraiser will have a full donation report. It’s easy to export. And it has all the information needed to neatly wrap up your event, report on your results, and thank your donors.

Friendly Customer Support

Mightycause takes the pressure off by offering customer support for Event organizers, teams, fundraisers, and donors. So, you can focus on managing your event and keeping your fundraisers motivated, while we worry about the technical details.

We also have support library with walkthroughs, comprehensive guides, FAQs and more to support Event organizers, teams, fundraisers and donors.

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Learn More About Event Fundraising

On Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 2 p.m. EST, Mightycause is hosting a webinar on our new Events product. Our Director of Community Engagement, Bethany Natoli, is hosting, and will be joined by one of the brains behind Events, Bryce Melvin, Mightycause’s VP of Product. Spots are limited, so sign up today to learn more!


If you have an upcoming event, or would like to learn how our Event fundraising product can help your raise money for charitable causes, get in touch at!