Beyond the PayPal Donate Button: Announcing New Mightycause Pricing

Finding a nonprofit fundraising platform can be frighteningly similar to buying a car. Want pricing information? You’ve got to fill out a contact form and set up a call with a salesperson. Then you sit through an hour-long sales pitch, only to find out the platform is way out of your budget and doesn’t have what you’re looking for. And that’s not even the end of it. Because then you’re inundated with pressure-laden follow-ups, telling you to sign the contract today to lock in “special discount pricing.” But because there was no transparency in their pricing, you have no idea if you’re getting a good deal. What do other nonprofits pay? Are you being overcharged? They asked for your annual budget — are they asking for more money for the same product because they know how much you have to spend? Because they keep their pricing under lock and key, it’s impossible to compare. It’s a stressful process that leaves you wondering whether you’ve been had.

And as a result, many nonprofits simply opt out and default to a PayPal donate button. At least you don’t have to jump through hoops for your PayPal donate button, right?! The pricing is affordable, and everyone gets charged the same amount.

But Mightycause is taking a stand. Nonprofits do important work, and software companies should make their jobs easier — not harder. And that’s why we offer transparent pricing, and more tools for less money.

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Pay Less Than PayPal, Get So Much More

graphic comparing mightycause and paypal donate button

A PayPal donate button is often where it all begins for nonprofit organizations. When you’re building your organization and starting to collect donations, the donate button is a simple, cost-effective option. You don’t have the budget for a database, or the donors to justify even thinking about one. But, as your organization and donor base grow, that donate button can quickly become a burden.

PayPal buttons allow nonprofits to process donations. And that’s it. They don’t track donors for you, nor do they create donor records. PayPal simply processes the transaction. But the detailed and time-consuming work of gathering and tracking donor data, reconciling your books, issuing donation receipts, and communicating with donors falls to the nonprofit.

So why start with a PayPal donate button, knowing it’ll only work as long your nonprofit and donor base stay small? Mightycause allows you to process donations, but also sets your nonprofit up for growth. We provide the infrastructure you need to take control of donation management, tracking and interacting with donors, and building your organization’s brand. Mightycause costs less, and poises you for growth by providing professional fundraising tools to support your nonprofit at every stage of your work.

The Mightycause Difference

For less than the cost of a PayPal transaction, you can free your nonprofit of the administrative burden of manually tracking donations. All nonprofits on Mightycause have access to donation processing (of course) but also robust, customizable reporting, donor and data management, and the ability to customize the donor experience. You can also create unlimited peer-to-peer, Event, and Team fundraisers to diversify your fundraising. And that’s all with no upfront cost.

screenshot of an event with registration on mightycause

Mightycause is a full-service fundraising platform, not just a payment processor. We offer a donate button and a donation widget for your website, but your nonprofit gets so much more. For less than PayPal’s fees, your nonprofit gets to take the reins on your donor’s checkout experience. You get to customize your donation form, suggest the donation amounts you want, collect the donor data that’s vital for your nonprofit, customize your receipt, and start the stewarding process with a thank you page. On Mightycause, your donors are yours, and the donors experience is fully within your control.

Our Pricing Guarantee

mightycause pricing guarantee

Your nonprofit will never pay more than 2.2% + 29¢ per disbursement on Mightycause. That’s less than PayPal, and way less than other fundraising platforms. So, for less than the cost of a single PayPal transaction, your nonprofit can gain access to powerful fundraising tools that allow you to take control of your nonprofit’s brand, your donor data, your financial information, and unlimited fundraising possibilities.

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Mightycause Pricing for Nonprofits

Mightycause pricing options

Mightycause has two simple options for nonprofit organizations: Our free starter plan, and our advanced plan for $99 per month. We don’t hide our pricing behind contact forms and fast-talking salespeople. Everyone on Mightycause has the same pricing options, so you don’t need to worry that you’re being charged more for the same tools.

Donors can also cover fees for your nonprofit on Mightycause. Over the years, we’ve seen that about 90% of donors opt to cover fees so the nonprofit can receive 100% of their donation. And that means many nonprofits will pay even less than 2.2% + 29¢.

Mightycause’s Free Starter Plan

The Mightycause starter plan can help you grow while keeping your costs low. There is no upfront cost to use Mightycause’s starter plan: just sign up, start managing your nonprofit, and start fundraising!

Get Started

Instead of a PayPal donate button, you’ll have a beautiful, customizable nonprofit profile. You’ll be able to collect donations, manage and track your donations, start fundraising campaigns, teams and events, install a widget or donate button on your website, and manage the donor experience, from start to finish. Unlike PayPal, the transactions for the Mightycause donation widget happen right on your nonprofit’s page — so your donors don’t need to leave to complete their donations.

The free starter plan allows your nonprofit to get serious about fundraising, diversify your funding, manage your donors better, and grow… without breaking the bank.

Mightycause’s Advanced Subscription Plan

Mightycause Advanced graphic

Our Advanced plan has all the perks of our starter plan, plus professional-level fundraising and database tools. For $99 per month, nonprofits can utilize comprehensive donor records, advanced analytics, in-app messaging to supporters, email marketing tools, data integration, and so much more.

photo of mightycause advance analytics being viewed on a mobile phone in front of a brick wall

Other platforms can have cumbersome, intimidating onboarding processes. But on Mightycause, upgrading your plan is as simple as clicking a button. We don’t lock you into a contract, or pressure you to commit. Advanced simply offers your nonprofit our best-in-class fundraising tools, at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Keep Comprehensive Donor Records with Supporters

When you rely on PayPal for fundraising, you get a minimum of data on your donor. Their name, their email address, maybe their mailing address, and the bare-bones information about their transaction. But donor records are key in keeping donors engaged, interested in your work, and showing their support. And that’s what our Supporters tool does.

laptop with mightycause's supporters tool shown inside

Track your supporters, whether they’re online donors, peer-to-peer fundraisers, event attendees, volunteers, or offline donors. Add records, export reports, add custom tags, and even message your supporters right from the Supporters tool to keep them engaged.

Why pay more for transaction reports when you can keep full, comprehensive records of your nonprofit’s biggest supporters on Mightycause?

screenshot of a donor record on mightycause

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Analyze Your Success with Analytics

Modern nonprofits need to be data-driven. And when you’re cobbling together your data manually in spreadsheets, well, it can be time-consuming and inaccurate. So, Advanced subscribers get access to analytics that will help your nonprofit keep tabs on your success and grow.

screenshot of analytics on mightycause

At a glance, see how much you’ve raised on Mightycause, your funding sources, average donation amount, recurring donors, and more. With Advanced, your nonprofit’s key metrics are organized in PowerPoint-ready graphics, so you can stay on top on your key performance indicators and develop your plan to raise even more for your cause.

Get a Free 30-Day Trial

You’d never buy a car without taking it for a test drive. And we don’t expect you to invest in software without trying it out, either. Mightycause offers a free 30-day trial of our Advanced features that allows you to check out Supporters, Analytics, data integration through Data Connect, additional branding and customization options, and more.

And when we say free, we want to be clear that you won’t be expected to give us your credit card number and be charged if you forget about your free trial. It’s free, for real. No commitments, no contracts, no credit cards. Contact us to start your free trial:

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