Give to the Max: Poem Edition

The History Theatre, in Saint Paul, has written a fabulous poem to celebrate Give to the Max Day 2010, today’s 24-hour give-a-thon in Minnesota.

“A Silly Little Poem”

to celebrate a day of giving to the max

Can you believe, a whole year it has been?
It’s Give to the Max Day again!
The more donors we get
The less we will fret
So we ask you to give what you can.
(Buckle your seat belts, folks.  This is about to get kind of silly.)

There once was a theatre from Nantucket,
That created a donation bucket.
In checks and in cash
They got quite a stash
And wisely away they did tuck it.

Not unlike a thrifty theatre staff from Minnesota,
Who weren’t meeting their online donation quota,
Though they tried like heck,
Donors sent in only checks,
And the online portal didn’t collect an iota.

So what?  You think—why does it matter?
A buck is a buck!  Why the blather?
Cause stamps cost a bundle;
To the post office staff must trundle,
And then get scolded by the financial manager.

“Move the donors online!”  She does shout!
To the rafters, and inside, and out!
“Think something up fast
And stop spending this cash.
Or there’ll be no joy!  You’ll be out!”

So GiveMN offered incentive:
“Go and gather more donors—be inventive!
The 4 companies with the most gifted libations,
(The most donors—not highest donations,)
Will win prizes!” Staff was suddenly attentive…

Indeed, there were prizes galore!
$10,000, $20,000—and more!*
Plus one donor each hour,
Would be given the power –
$1000 to their charity—SCORE!*

Today you should Give to the Max
To keep this train on the right tracks
Just click on this link
You’ll be done in a blink
Plus you can claim the gift on your tax(es)

While this seems silly, we assure you, we’re serious.
Donations support art (though the creation is mysterious).
If you’ll just try the portal,
It might give you a chortle,
Your support will make History Theatre delirious.