Facebook Sponsored Story Ads Increase Fundraising Awareness

When you launch a peer-to-peer social fundraising campaign, one tool you’ll most likely use is your Facebook Page.

This allows you to create a home-base within the world of Facebook where you nurture relationships with various different types of supporters.

Why just “liking” a Page is not enough

Did you know that it often takes more than just liking a Page for it to appear in your fans News Feeds?

For most Facebook users, the default view for their News Feed is “Top News” which is very different from “Most Recent” which will display the latest story from all friends and Pages you’ve liked. According to the Facebook blog:

“Since Top News is based on an algorithm, it uses factors such as how many friends are commenting on a post to aggregate content that you’ll find interesting. It displays stories based on their relevance, rather than in chronological order.”

What this means is that unless a fan has engaged with your Page stories or has friends that have commented on your Page stories, they won’t see all of your Page’s updates in their News Feed.

Promoting your social fundraising campaign with sponsored ads

To enhance awareness around your campaign, try using Facebook Sponsored ads – specifically Page Post Stories.

What are Page Post Stories?

Page Post Stories are Facebook Sponsored Story Ads that promote the latest update published by your Page.

These Ad Stories will displayed to every single Facebook fan you target, whether your Page appears in their Top News or not. And like all Page updates, fans can comment and like directly in the Ad.

Ad content automatically includes your latest Page update

Page Post Story ads automatically pull the latest update from your Facebook Page.

With this in mind, it’s critical that you post interesting and compelling updates related to your campaign. This way, fans who love what you do but don’t see updates in their News Feed will be prompted to join the campaign.

Sponsored Ads are cost effective

One of the best things about Facebook Ads is that you can schedule the ad for a limited number of days, and set a daily budget. This allows you to try ads without the risk of going broke.

Sponsored Story Ads are also less expensive than traditional Facebook Ads that link to your website. In fact, a study by TBG Digital found that social ads cost 29% less than traditional Facebook ads that direct traffic away from Facebook.

Have you used Facebook Ads to promote your fundraiser?