Social Fundraising at the Forefront of Nonprofit 2.0

Social fundraising was a dominant topic at Nonprofit 2.0. There were many industry leaders in attendance, and we decided to interview them with video.

The above round-up is highlights some of these voices, including Epic Change’s Stacey Monk, Care2‘s Jocelyn Harmon, RAD Campaign’s Allyson Kapin, National Wildlife Federation’s Danielle Brigida, Ace Blogger Shonali Burke, Network for Good‘s Allison Schwalm and, of course, our own Mightycause CEO Brian Fujito. For the next couple of months we will be highlighting deeper individual vignettes from these interviews on the site and our YouTube channel.

Here are some fundraising insights from Nonprofit 2.0 that you won’t see in these interviews:

Crowdrise CEO Robert Wolfe was the first keynote. He was very funny and entertaining, even giving people who attended five minutes with an on site masseuse. If there was one takeaway from Robert’s keynote it was that social fundraising needs to be fun for people.

He was followed up by an impassioned Stacey Monk, who reminded us that the actions of fundraising is about people, and that love of humanity is what drives us. She criticized the nonprofit sector for making cause activity transactional, and pitched a return to caring about each other as the primary driver of our interactions. Her speech was probably the highlight of the event, and we will be publishing it on video at a later point.

Rob Wu from CauseVox was also there. Shonali interviewed him about fundraising, and he discussed the critical importance of storytelling as part of your effort.