7 Habits of Effective Personal Fundraisers (An awesome free eBook)

If you’ve built up a strong following on Facebook and Twitter, but don’t know how to start fundraising, check out the eBook from CauseVox titled 7 Habits of Effective Personal Fundraisers”.

I know what you’re thinking. Yet another eBook that I have to read… I already have The Networked Nonprofit, Welcome to the Fifth Estate and The Nonprofit Marketing Guide. I can’t possibly read another book!

We here’s the good news: This one is 12 pages, and covers many of the concepts we blog about here!

Here’s a quick overview of the seven habits:

1. Personalize Your Fundraising

The most effective fundraisers use their personalities to promote their campaign as well as personal stories. Your relationships are compelling enough reasons for your network to give to your cause.

2. Use Multiple Ways to Raise Awareness

Effective fundraisers leverage their relationship with friends, family, and co-workers, using whatever tools work! Email is still the best way to get donations. (Blackbaud’s recent study found that “1 in 4 emails turns into a donation.”) But social media channels are the best at getting people’s attention and nurturing the relationships required before people donate!

3. Keep Up the Human Connections

Help your people connect with the cause by focusing on being human. Meet people face-to-face, or at least on the phone, to help them understand your passion for and commitment to the cause.

4. Emphasize How Everyone Can Make a Difference

Show that even small contributions will amount to big, tangible results. Let donors know exactly where their money is going and how much of a difference it makes. This alone can make a huge impact on donor retention.

5. Your Cause is Worth the Effort

Fundraising is no walk in the park. You’ll have to persevere through some dry spells, but make sure your fundraisers know that their efforts really do matter. And remember that you’re making a difference in fulfilling your org’s mission.

6. Remind Others to Contribute

We’re constantly bombarded with messages, Tweets, and a plethora of other distractions. Many will donate, but many don’t because it slips their mind. Be sure to update your supporters and remind them of the importance of their effort.

7. Be Appreciative

Always thank your donors and supporters! This Mightycause post shows you a variety of creative ways to do just that..

It’s Not About Tools

The interesting thing about these 7 habits is that they’re about nurturing relationships, and not tools. Because while networks change, people never do.

What’s your effective fundraising habit?

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