Apple Users Are More Generous than PC and Android Users

According to a recent study Mightycause conducted, Mac users are more generous than PC users. iPad users give 40% more per donation than any other mobile device user! In fact, every iOS device gave more than Android or Blackberry.

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Social Fundraising Visualized

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Some Thoughts and More Numbers

Is it that Apple fans probably have higher incomes? Or is it that they’re more generous? Or is it that maybe the devices themselves influence how much someone gives?

Mightycause analyzed more than 2 million visits and more than 130,000 individual donations, totaling $15,983,806! They looked at browser type, mobile device and operating systems and found some very compelling stats:

iPad (and iOS) Users Are the Most Generous Donors

Apple’s iOS device users are far more generous than Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile device users.

Average donation value by mobile device:

  • iPad $168.67
  • iPhone $102.80
  • Android $91.42
  • Blackberry $24
  • Windows $18.75

Mac Users Are More Generous than PC Users

The average donation from Mac users was 7.2% more than Windows users.

People using Safari (Apple’s browser) were also the most generous by a significant margin.

Average donation by browser:

  • Safari $134.77
  • Internet Explorer $122.11
  • Chrome $113.00
  • Firefox $111.34

Online Fundraising is Huge

Whether it’s the device, or the donor’s income that influences the generosity (it’s probably a combination), it’s important to note that they’re all web-based channels. This is obviously a positive sign that online fundraising not only is the fastest growing channel, it’s the most diverse.

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