Stand Out by Giving Instead of Asking

Image by Fashionbyhe

Every nonprofit and super ambassador is fundraising right now. It’s the big push to get the year-end 40% of annual donations. Compounding this distraction is all of the commercial marketing from companies looking to attract holiday shoppers. As a result, donors are getting inundated with solicitations from dozens of charities and hundreds of companies.

How can your fundraiser stand out from the noise?

Do the exact opposite. Give.

Perhaps this seems antithetical. And that’s why it will stand out like a red jacket in the middle of a New York Street in the midst of January.

Think about what people are going through right now. They need a break. They wanted to be treated well, and rewarded for hard work. Their prior donations, did they mean anything? Have you thanked them? And yes, they would like to receive gifts, too.

Often called a premium by direct marketers, consider sending a small token of gratitude to your donors and friends. Perhaps you don’t have the budget to give back literally. How about a well-written personalized thank you note in the form of a holiday card?

Even better, get creative. Say you want to do a fundraiser, but instead of demanding time from people–e.g. dinner or some other holiday event–provide your donors time. Pay a day care center to open for evening hours, and offer donors exclusive access so they can shop or go on a date. Deliver meals to go. Provide a complimentary valet service at a popular mall. Offer to gift wrap presents in exchange for donations.

The point is to get creative. Give donors something to make your fundraiser stand out this holiday season.