A Woman of Excellence: Luma Mufleh

Photo courtesy of Luma Mufleh

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A few months ago, I sat down to watch CBS Sunday morning as I am wont to do. A story came on about a woman who was born in Amman, Jordan, and then came to the US to attend Smith College. She graduated, then moved down South, working the odd job here and there.

Photo courtesy of Luma Mufleh

One day, this woman took a wrong turn and found herself at an apartment complex where a lot of kids were playing soccer, a sport she loved. But something was kind of weird about the scene. A lot of the kids looked sort of ragged and run-down. They were playing with equipment that wasn’t very good. This woman from Jordan who had graduated from Smith College started talking to these kids and discovered that indeed they were not typical American kids. They were all children who had come to the US as refugees of war.

The woman started playing soccer with the kids. She started helping them with school work. When she found out that a lot of them didn’t get enough to eat, she started helping them with that, too. Before she knew it, this woman had created an entire community for her Fugee kids.

Her name is Luma Mufleh.

The thing about Luma is that while her pocket book has never been very big, her dreams, the dreams for her kids, just keep getting bigger and bigger. She wants to start a full Fugee Village that would provide permanent housing, consistent schooling, regular meals, and much more for her kids. Luma, like the women we talked about earlier this week, does not ask for acclaim or prizes or money for herself. In her own words:

This is just one of many experiences with my players that has completely changed the way I see the world. The past five years have been a wonderful yet terrifying journey led by the children I coach, who guide me and keep me accountable every day for the decisions I make. It is because of them that I have founded the Fugees Family, and it is for them that I ask you to join our family.

How You Can Show Your Gratitude

Photo courtesy of Fugees Family

Apart from spreading the word about Ms. Mufleh and her Fugees, there are lots of ways you can show your gratitude simply by giving to Luma’s organization.


The Fugees website lists different monetary amounts and what kind of assistance those dollars amounts can offer. You can provide items on the Fugees wishlist. You can buy Fugees merchandise as well.

Perhaps the best and easiest thing to do, though, is to just raise awareness of what Luma Mufleh is trying to do for the forgotten refugee kids in the US. Follow @fugeesfamily on Twitter, say hello, say thank you, and be inspired.

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  1. I love this organization! I first heard of it in early 2010 and loved the story behind it. Had no idea she was featured on CBS – awesome!

  2. This lady from the nike jordan who had completed from Jackson College started speaking with these children and found that indeed they were not common United states children.

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