Shining the Spotlight on Molly Cantrell-Kraig

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Editor’s Note: This is Margie’s last personal profile for our series this month honoring women in social good. So happy to have had her interview these great ladies making a difference in our communities! In case you missed it, here are the four women Margie profiled this month: Luna Mufleh, Angela Daffron, and Estrella Rosenberg.

When I was pursuing my Masters in History, the bus system at the university I was going to was shut down to any off-campus students (cuz, ya know, it makes sense to bus people shorter distances but not longer distances). Anyway, for my last year, I had to walk with all of my books and notes for about a mile, regardless of weather, on a path that included precious little sidewalk.

It was not a lot of fun, but I didn’t have any other choice. I couldn’t drive yet. I didn’t have a car. In this day and age, not having access to a car can be a powerful obstacle in the way of almost any goal you have. If you’ve ever tried to go grocery shopping without a car, you know what I’m talking about.

If you are a woman, say a single mom, looking for a job, there are all sorts of training programs out there. There are organizations that can help you find a job. There are people who can help you shine up your resume. However, if you can’t get to those places, none of it really matters.

That’s where Molly Cantrell-Kraig is making a huge difference.

Molly Cantrell-Kraig

Molly has started an organization called The Women With Drive Foundation. The idea is pretty simple, as so many brilliant ideas are. In exchange for participating in programs that will help her improve her life, a woman gets access to a car. There are no hand-outs, and the woman getting access to the car has to have drive before she can drive. But for those women who need life to give them a break, this organization is a miracle worker.

Like the three other women we’ve highlighted this month, Molly brings personal experience to her passionate work. As she described in a special feature for the Vitamin Water Philanthropy News section, Molly found herself in a situation where she had a full time job, was going to college, and had young kids to raise. She also had no car.

She says, “I know what it’s like to have to juggle-to stress. It’s demoralizing and frustrating to get access to a vehicle.”

Molly did not let these tough times beat her down, though, and as she found more success in her own life, she never forgot what those tough times were like. As one career ended, Molly opted to use her passion and her past experience to help ease the way for other women.

How can we thank Molly for everything she is doing? The numbers are broken out pretty clearly on the Women With Drive Donation page. $5 pays for a gallon of gas. $30 can pay for an oil-change. $100 can pay for a car tune-up. Every little bit can help.

If you aren’t able to donate now, find Molly on Twitter at either @mcKra1g or @wwdrive. Like their page on Facebook. and hey, just say thanks to this extraordinary woman! Without women like Molly (and Estrella, Angela, Luma, and so many others), this world would be so much more worse for wear.

Who do you need to thank today?

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  1. Margie, thank you so much for u00a0your kind words, support and energies on our behalf. 🙂 It’s truly humbling to be featured and I appreciate it more than I can say. You’re good people. My best, M.u00a0

  2. There are companies that can help you discover a job. There are individuals who can help you glow up your continue.

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