Spotlight: Helping Senior Americans Get a Meal

Photo Courtesy of Drive to End Hunger

According to the latest USDA report, over 9 million senior citizens in America are living at risk of hunger. The term “at risk of hunger” refers to people who said they didn’t have enough money to buy food at some point last year.

In other words, there are 9 million Americans—ages 50 and older—who actually had to figure out how they were going to eat. And the 9 million is a 79% increase in the last decade. In fact, check out the stats in your state to see how many seniors are at risk in your own community.

Hunger is a Problem We’re Going to Fix

The statistic is astounding and saddening, especially when you think so many of our neighbors are scrambling trying to find where they’ll get their next meal from. But there are people doing something about it, and taking the lead is Jeff Gordon.

Yes, that Jeff Gordon.

This is what he said when NASCAR, AARP, and the AARP Foundation kicked off the Drive to End Hunger campaign:

“Hunger is a real, growing problem in our country. . . . These older Americans have to make decisions about buying food, or getting medicine they need, or paying their bills. No one should have to make those kinds of decisions.”


And the good news is that the problem is certainly fixable. The minimum $10 donation actually covers food for a day for one person!

Year Two: Kicking Tail

Now in its second year, the campaign is hosting a fundraising “race” to raise money for food banks in cities across America.

Photo Courtesy of Drive to End Hunger

“Drive to End Hunger is the first cause-related NASCAR sponsorship. With the help of our partnership with Jeff Gordon and Hendrick Motorsports, we’ve been able to help provide more than 12.9 million meals to those in need,” says Jen Martin, a Social Communications and Strategy Manager at AARP. “Fundraising online is a way for NASCAR fans to help solve this serious problem in America through a fun and engaging way.”

Supporters are eligible to win prizes and recognition for their efforts to fundraise or donate to the cause.

“With the Drive to End Hunger campaign, we’re drawing attention to this problem,” Jen says. “Above all, we’re taking steps as a community to stop hunger in its tracks.”

The Drive to End Hunger fundraiser ends next Friday (September 14th), so it’s not too late to sign up or donate to contribute in the fight against hunger among seniors in America. Check out the campaign website, and donate today.

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