PinkGiving: What Will You Do for Breast Cancer?

Today is the beginning of a national month-long campaign in recognition of the women who battled or are battling breast cancer.

We at Mightycause felt a sense of responsibility to contribute to the fight against breast cancer, so we are kicking off the PinkGiving Campaign.

We’re working with four outstanding organizations in the fight to end breast cancer: Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition, and Young Survival Coalition.

So this month, we want our community to come together and demonstrate that working together, we can achieve goals. To prove we can do it, we’re issuing a challenge: if you can help us get to 50,000 likes before the end of the month, we will donate an equal share of $10,000 to each of these 4 organizations.

What Can a Like Do to Fight Breast Cancer?

Lots. First of all, 50,000 Likes will unlock $10,000 for 4 breast cancer organizations. Second, your Like, plus your friends’ Likes, and their friends’ Likes amount up to a bunch of Likes. (I’m showing off my great math skills, right there.) But in the process, you did what’s called community action. You helped get a group of people to do something about an important issue.

It’s the first step to making an impact—a BIG impact—and we want you to see that your small contribution, and the small contributions made by the collective, can really, truly make a difference. A little bit of effort can achieve great things.

But it all starts with you taking that first step.

What Are You Waiting For? Do you accept the challenge?

For more information about the PinkGiving campaign, click here.