What Trick-Or-Treating Says About Social Media Fundraising

Photo by CS_McMahon

When you were a kid, Halloween was the #1 non-religious holiday. Once a year you got permission to be anyone you want it to be. Batman, Superman, a Vampire–anything you wanted to be. And your parents had very little say.

And there was the candy…

Charleston Chews, Fireballs, Kit Kats and Skittles. You worked hard to be polite by only taking one of each, which felt awkward due to the crude transactional nature of your visit to their house in the first place.

But in the end you were a kid, and all that mattered was the transaction. No distractions, just laser focus on the transaction.

Social Media is Not Transactional

Social media by its very nature is not at all transactional. To maintain any type of focus (like when trick or treating) on Twitter and Facebook is extremely difficult given all the distractions like notifications, trending tweets, and viral content.

This is one reason why social media really doesn’t work that well as a place to conduct fundraising transactions.

In this video, I talk about the distractive nature of social media and what types of transactions it best suited for.