Five Ways to Thank Donors for Thanksgiving

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If you’re in United States you know that Thanksgiving is right on top of us. And if you’re like most nonprofits you’ve been extremely busy wrapping up the week.

But did you forget something? Did you forget to express gratitude for all of the wonderful supporters your organization has?

If you have forgotten, no worries. Mightycause has your back.

Here are five things you can do right now to thank your supporters this Thanksgiving:

1. On Facebook

Thanksgiving is about friends and family. So is Facebook. This is why Facebook is a great place to actually post an update to your supporters saying thanks. Here are five creative ways to do just that!

2. On YouTube

If a picture says 1,000 words, a video says a million. Don’t over-complicate things (you’re busy, remember?). Use your iPhone or digital camera to create a simple video that expresses from your heart, how much gratitude you have for your supporters. And check out these 11 tips to get more from your YouTube channel!

3. With Email

At this time of year people are shutting down their laptops for the holidays, and in the process have more time to look at personal emails or non-work-related emails. This is why you want to target only specific segments on your list; for example, regular donors. And if you use a good email marketing service, you’ll already have smart segments put together.

4. By Phone

Now of course you don’t have the bandwidth to call every single one of your supporters. But you can call the top 10%, or maybe even the top 50. Just say thanks. One way to identify these top people is to use a tool like SmallAct where you can view people who opened our thank you email (step #3), and are also talking about you on Facebook and Twitter. Which ones are also donors? Call these people.

5. All Of The Above

Integration is the secret sauce of success. When you create a thank you video that you post to Facebook and then link back to in a targeted email, you are leveraging the collective power of all these channels!

More specifically, the video posted on Facebook will get a higher level of engagement precisely because you’re driving the right people to it from your email list. And by “right people” I mean core supporters who would love to share your story with their Facebook friends.

What else? What ideas can you share with our readers?

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