How to Help the Victims of the Boston Explosion

Patriots Day is a special day in Boston. There’s the reenactment of the first battles of the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord. The Red Sox play at home in a game with plenty of patriotic fanfare. But, of course, Patriots Day is best known for the Boston Marathon, a race full of tradition, history and drama.

Sadly, yesterday’s race had too much drama, and the history was closer to the Boston Massacre than to the historic road race it’s known for.

April 15th was a terrible day for the city, and the country. Here how you can help the victims, their families, and first responders.

Offer Prayers and Help

Share your prayers for Boston and victims on social media with the hashtags #PrayforBoston and #GodBlessBoston.

If you live in New England, help stranded runners and their families by using and following the hashtag #BostonHelps. The people of Boston have really stepped up with all sorts generous offers of food, transportation, housing, etc.


The Salvation Army was quick to respond yesterday as they sent two mobile kitchens to support families and emergency responders with food, drinks, and crisis counseling. I’m sure the Army and the American Red Cross will continue to support victims, their families and emergency responders in the coming days.

Help Runners Finish Their Work

The race is over but the work remains. Many Boston Marathon runners are raising money for causes on Mightycause, and other fundraising sites. Don’t let this tragedy distract us from the good their efforts are bringing about. Let’s go one step further to support these runners’ charities.

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