It’s not about Social Media

If you’re like most nonprofit marketers, you find social media platforms technically confusing.

Especially sites like Facebook.

You also probably find them very boring because very few people actually have something interesting to say.

How to be interesting

There many sources of great tactics and best practices (based on research) on how to post content that’s interesting.

But even applying all of these new strategies and tactics gets boring after a while.

It’s not about the telephone


When the telephone was first invented, people spent a lot of time trying to understand how to use it, what to discuss, how to apply business etiquette, and what the ROI was.
But ultimately (and we take this for granted today) it came down to understanding and connecting with the person on the other end of the phone.

Start thinking this way

Put Social media in its proper place. And that place can be anywhere behind your people, who should always come first.

So stop thinking “What can I post on Facebook to get the most comments”, and start thinking “How can I be useful to my people?”.

After all, if you don’t understand what your people want, everything else will fail.

You may not break the Facebook Sound Barrier, but at least your people will feel cared about.

What do you think?