10 Fundraising Ideas (And How to Use Them)

Photo via TempusVolat on Flickr

Picking a fundraiser is hard. There are so many ideas! But some are better than others in rallying support for your cause. Here’s a list of 10 fundraising ideas, and advice on how to do them.

Sell T-shirts

Who doesn’t like t-shirts? Tees are an easy and appealing fundraising tool that allow donors to wear their support.

Resource: How to Make the Ice Bucket Challenge Better with T-Shirts.

Matching Gifts

Matching gifts are FREE company money that “matches” an employee donation to a qualified organization. As the name suggests, matching gifts double a donation, but guidelines vary depending on the company. Still, did you know that 50 percent of Corporate 500 Companies offer matching gifts?

Resource: Nonprofits Can Double Their Pleasure with Matching Gifts

Donation Boxes

Raise money with coin canisters at local stores and restaurants.

Resource: Raise More Money with Donation Boxes

Store Opening Fundraiser

Watch for new business openings in your community and tie-in a fundraiser for your school. When Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt opened a new store, they donated all proceeds from its grand opening day to a cancer organization.

Resource: 10 Examples of Launch Fundraisers

Trash Bag Fundraiser

The product everyone needs! It’s also low-fat and environmentally friendly.

Resource: Selling Trash Bags Raised This School$20,000 a year!

Pinup Fundraiser

Local retail businesses can sell paper icons or pinups for a buck or two. Pinups are simple and lucrative!

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Movie Theater Fundraiser

Ask your local movie theater to let volunteers ask moviegoers for donations before the start of each movie.

Resource: Cause Marketing Goes to the Movies

Donate Profits Days.

These are becoming increasingly popular with businesses that want to support local schools with an easy fundraiser. If you have a Chili’s Restaurant Grill or Bar or Whole Foods in your area, you’ve probably seen a donate profits day.

Resource: 10 Examples of Donate Profits Day

Need more ideas? Here are 40 more!