7 Visual Content Tools to Make You Look Like Picasso

If you manage social media for a nonprofit, you realize that creating visual content is becoming a bigger part of your job.

You’re creating more visual content than ever before, and it has to look exceptional!

That’s a lot of pressure for someone who didn’t go to art school.

Fortunately, there are several tools and apps to make you look like a visual content ninja.

1. Canva

If you need to churn out visual content that’s beautiful (or at least branded), then Canva is your tool. They have templates for Facebook covers, social media posts, posters, blog graphics, and more. Did I mention that it’s free?

2. Pic Monkey

Need to edit photos but don’t use Photoshop? Pic Monkey is an online editing tool that has many of the basic features of Photoshop: Cropping, resizing, adding text, etc. It’s also very easy to use. And it’s mostly free.

3. Piktochart

What you’ll love about Piktochart is the wide variety of infographic templates and themes. Instead of starting from scratch, you’re starting with 75 or 80% of a final product. I created this infographic in less than an hour with Piktochart.

4. Easely

This is a free website that features thousands of free infographic templates and design objects to create visual content. Like Piktochart, the site has drag and drop design elements, based on existing templates, or start from scratch with something completely original.

5. Skitch

Skitch is an Evernote app for Macs, PCs and mobile devices that allows you to get your point across with fewer words using annotation, shapes and sketches, so that your ideas become reality faster. It’s great for quickly marking up images and screenshots and PDFs.

6. Over

One of my favorite mobile apps for editing pictures is Over by Potluck which allows you to easily add text to photos, like so:

What’s really cool about Over is the awesome selection of graphic sets that you can purchase, including one from charity: water.

7. Pictacoulous

Have you ever added text and a border to an image, only to wonder what colors would look best? Upload your photo to Pictacoulous (from MailChimp) and get your answer (as shown below), or email your photo to colors@mailchimp.com and wait for a reply.

No doubt, I left out many other great tools. What would you add?