Simple Tips for Using Facebook Ads on a Budget

Facebook ads are a powerful way to reach people who are most likely to attend your next fundraising event. They’re also useful for increasing your fanbase, and engagement on your posts.

But let’s face it. You don’t have inexhaustible funds for Facebook ads.

Here are four simple tips for getting more from Facebook ads:

  1. Create clear objectives. As with any type of investment, be really clear about your goals.

    In fact, the first step in creating a Facebook ad is selecting a specific result:

    facebook objective

    The clearer you are about your objective for using Facebook ads, the better results you will get with Facebook ads.

  2. Target wisely. If a Breast Cancer foundation targets all women in north America, they will be wasting money trying to reach women who have no interest at all in the topic of breast cancer. It’s much better to target only women who have liked Facebook pages about breast cancer.
  3. Only promote your best content. If you are using Facebook ads to promote page posts, make sure you’re only selecting posts that have performed well. This way when people do see the post as a result of an ad, they will be more likely to engage with it as others have done before. That way you increase the likelihood that people who see the post will engage with it. To find the posts worth boosting, look at your Insights to find your top event-related posts (high engagement rate).
  4. Use multiple ad images. When creating a Facebook ad (all types except Boosted Posts), you have the option to use up to six images for each ad (see below).

    shutterstock images

    Using multiple images allows you to compare the performance of each image, and shift your budget to the top performing ads (pausing sub-par ads is a quick way to do this).

What would you add?