4 New Tools for Facebook Page Admins You Probably Missed

Over the past few months, Facebook has added a few features to make life easier for Facebook admins. Particularly around managing and moderating content posted by admins and Facebook users.

Here are 4 new tools for Facebook Page admins:

1. Review Posts by Others BEFORE They Go Live

You can now choose to review posts by others before they go live on your Facebook Page.

If you select this feature (shown below), posts by other people will queued up for review in your Activity Log.

review posts by others

Should you choose to review posts by others?

The short answer is no. Your Facebook fans don’t see posts by others unless they are friends with that person. On the rare chance that someone DOES post a nasty update to your page, the only people who really see that nastiness are their nasty friends. πŸ™‚

2. More Easily Manage Your Personal Privacy

Facebook Pages admins have three ways to decide whether they post, like, comment and share as the page, or as themselves. These features allow for easier control over personal privacy and post attribution:

  • Default Post Attibution: Under the Setting tab there’s a new selection called Post Attribution where admin’s can select a default setting (as shown below).
    facebook post attribution
  • Post Attribution Per Post: On any Facebook Page, admins can now post as themselves (personal) or a Page they manage. These choices are available when posting on any Facebook Page, whether you manage them or not.
    post attribution - per post
  • Use Facebook as Your Page: Facebook admins can also choose use Facebook as a Page across all of Facebook. This is not a new feature, but it’s worth mentioning as a reminder.

3. More Options for Facebook Page Notifications

Facebook now offers more notification options (shown below). This is great because, you may want not want to get notifications every time someone mentions your page.

To configure your notifications, visit the Notifications tab under your Page Settings, as shown below.

facebook notifications

4. See Pages That Liked Your Page

Within the Banned Users tab in your page settings, you can see people who have recently liked your Page. But did you know that you can also see Pages that have liked your Page?

All you have to do is select “Pages That Like This” (as shown below) to view Pages that have recently liked your Page.

pages that like this

Make note of partners or sponsors who’ve like your Page. When appropriate, mention them in Page updates, or share their posts on your page. Small efforts like this will only enhance the relationships you have with these brands and organizations.

What do you think? Have you experimented with these features?

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