NEW: Mightycause Announces Text-to-Give

Mobile giving is more important than ever for nonprofits. The 2019 M+R Benchmarks report notes that mobile giving “accounted for 48% of all traffic to nonprofit websites, compared to just 44% for desktop.” Mightycause has always prioritized mobile giving, offering a sleek, convenient checkout process that is mobile-responsive and designed to look great on any device. In fact, our entire platform is designed mobile-first. But in order to help nonprofits evolve in an increasingly smartphone-driven world, we’ve taken it up a notch: Mightycause now offers text-to-give.

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How Mightycause’s Text-to-Give Works

Text-to-Give on Mightycause leverages our best-in-class mobile-responsive checkout process to make it even easier for everyday philanthropists to support the causes that matter to them.

1. You choose a keyword.

Available to all nonprofits with a subscription to our advanced tools, the Text-to-Give tool is located in your Campaigns tab. The first step in setting is up is choosing a keyword.

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The “keyword” is what your donors will text to a shortcode (555888) to donate to your nonprofit. You can create an evergreen keyword for donations to your nonprofit’s organization profile year-round, as well as keywords for campaigns you run throughout the year.

2. Your donors text your keyword to 555888.

Purchasing a shortcode can be the most expensive part of establishing a text-to-give campaign for a nonprofit trying this strategy on their own. The cost of a shortcode can run into the thousands. And Mightycause’s Text-to-Give takes that expense off your plate. The shortcode for Mightycause’s Text-to-Give is 555888, and to kick of the donation process, donors just text your keyword to the Mightycause shortcode.

3. Donors complete their donation.

Once the donor texts the keyword to the shortcode, they’ll receive a response. Then they’ll click on their link in the text message to complete their donation in whatever amount they choose. And that’s it! Mightycause sends their donation confirmation and receipt.

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The Value of Text-to-Give

Text-to-Give is one of Mightycause’s advanced fundraising tools. Nonprofits can access it by signing up for a subscription for just $99 per month. For that low, flat rate, your nonprofit can leverage Text-to-Give for key fundraising campaigns (such as #GivingTuesday), events, and year-round giving, without having to shoulder the cost of purchasing your own shortcode or managing text-to-give technology. And that’s just one of the tools your nonprofit can access with a subscription.

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The Flexibility Your Nonprofit Needs from Text-to-Give

While organizations like the American Red Cross have run wildly successful text-to-give campaigns that asked people to give in small, static amounts, it can be a risky gamble for a small nonprofit. And that’s because while big nonprofits can count on a slew of $10 donations, small nonprofits need their donors to have more flexibility. Small nonprofits just don’t have the vast volume of donors, celebrity endorsements, and advertising budget to expect great returns on text-to-give with static donation amounts.

So, how is Mightycause’s tool different?

Control over the donation process

Mightycause uses your customized donation form for our Text-to-Give tool. That means that when donors text their donation, they are presented with the same donation amounts you choose in Donor Experience. And it also means they can give in custom amounts, or set up a recurring donation, all from their smartphones.

By giving donors choice over their donation amount, you’ll be able to circumvent one of the biggest pitfalls of text-to-give.

You Control Your Donor Data

One of the biggest concerns about text-to-give campaigns is what happens to your donor information. American Red Cross’ massive campaign after a devastating earthquake in Haiti processed donations by tacking the cost onto users’ phone bills at the end of the month, then the companies passed the money on to the American Red Cross. So, who got the donor information?! And how do you follow up?

Your donors are yours on Mightycause

We make this simple: you are in charge of your donor information. We store it in your Donation Report (and Supporters tool) just like any other donation made on our platform. And there’s no waiting, either. We process donations immediately and disburse them according to our regular schedule.

That means you’ll have your donor’s information immediately. So, you can thank them quickly and sincerely. And you’ll be able to follow up to let them know how their donation helped.

Try Out Text-to-Give for Free

Want to see if Text-to-Give is right for your nonprofit? You can sign up for a free, no-strings-attached 30-day trial of our advanced fundraising tools, including Text-to-Give.

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You’ll also gain access to advanced tools like Supporters CRM, data integration, a customized look and branded donation experience, and more.

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