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Why focusing on dollars could be a huge mistake

Your supporters want nothing more than to believe in their heart of hearts that the cause your org fights for comes way before fundraising targets. But all too often, organizations shatter this dream by being overly focused on numbers. I’m sure you’ve heard examples of organizations that won’t accept donations under a certain dollar amount. …

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Offering Nonprofits the Best Value in Online Charitable Giving

Beginning October 1, 2010, we will process all donations made through Mightycause at a simple, flat rate of only 2.9 percent — one of the lowest rates available in the online giving industry. Ultimately, this is going to allow more donation dollars to go directly to nonprofits than most other online giving sites, many of whom charge 5%, 7.5%, and even up to 15% of the donation amount.

Introducing the DonateAnywhere Widget

Nonprofits, you asked and we listened! We heard your request to keep donors on your own website, the place that inspired their philanthropy. Now, you can do just that and bring the Mightycause giving platform to your nonprofit’s website with our new DonateAnywhereBETA Widget.

The Millennial Generation

Gen Y or the Millennials, call them what you will, but this emerging generation is reshaping philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, community impact and how we communicate the need and success of these efforts. What can this generation do to change the way we give and how much we give?