YOU did it!

Your supports give you their time and money because they want to change the world. And for most of them, it’s personal. They see themselves as an equal participant in creating…

04.12.2012 ,

Invest in Women, Invest in the Future

As some of you may have heard, March was International Women’s Month, a time to take note of the struggles women are facing around the world. Technically, actually, Women’s Month…

3 Lessons for Nonprofits on the Centennial of the Titanic Disaster

I watched a couple interesting documentaries last week on the Titanic disaster. The timing is right: this Saturday marks the 100th anniversary of the RMS Titanic disaster, when the ship…

Race Car
11.01.2011 ,

3 Ways to Rev Up Your Meeting Mojo

How do you inspire giving? From the inside-out! One way to get started is by doing a meeting makeover. When it comes to “meetings,” people don’t exactly start jumping with…

10.18.2011 ,

Who Leads the Pied Piper?

When you get down to it, improving lives is all about relationships. The relationship between you and donor, volunteer, co-worker, stakeholder, executive director, family and friends–they all matter  and contribute…


13 Ways to Empower Your Grassroots Fundraisers

When someone decides to raise money for your nonprofit with a fundraising page, they are way beyond a first kiss – they are taking you down the aisle. Their commitment…


Why focusing on dollars could be a huge mistake

Your supporters want nothing more than to believe in their heart of hearts that the cause your org fights for comes way before fundraising targets. But all too often, organizations…


Who's in Charge of Facebook at Your Organization?

If you’re like most nonprofits, you probably have a presence on Facebook. And if you’re using Facebook strategically, you might have asked yourself this question: Who should be in charge…


After the Adventure, Transformation Begins

Adventures in Missions, a faith-based non-profit organization based in Georgia, sends people all over the world on missions trips of varying lengths. Regardless of how long they’re “out in the field,” we believe that each participant returns transformed – albeit only slightly different.


Back to School with iMentor

Cleo Cavolo and Waine Tam of iMentor took time out of their busy workday to speak with Mightycause about mentoring, and how they share in the “Back to School” experience with their own mentees.