11.07.2012 ,

How Change Agents Supported Sandy Relief in New York

You don’t need a reminder of how hurricane Sandy blasted New York and New Jersey with unmatched mayhem last week. As many as 40,000 New Yorkers are now homeless and…

01.09.2012 ,

Baking for Good

Some of us probably didn’t plan the path our lives have taken (at least that’s the case for me) but it’s always so interesting to see how our lives unravel…


Back to School with iMentor

Cleo Cavolo and Waine Tam of iMentor took time out of their busy workday to speak with Mightycause about mentoring, and how they share in the “Back to School” experience with their own mentees.

Walking the Road to Change Together

“We began walking the road to change. It’s about restoring hope in different things you do in the community, but it’s also about instilling pride. With pride comes hope.” We spotlight select nonprofit groups this week in honor of social justice and the need to protect civil rights for everyone.