HOW TO: Make the Most of December 31

According to Network for Good, 33% of giving for the entire year happens on December 30 and 31. Are you ready for the great year-end push? Grab some last minute tips on social fundraising efforts and arm yourself with these three base necessities for a successful year-end giving:

1. Motivation:  Get Amped Up

While you’re on your way to send some last emails and make some quick follow-up calls, note these stats from a survey conducted by the American Red Cross:

2. People: Create A Giving Avenue

People want to receive and give meaningful gifts. You have the opportunity to meet this need. For people to donate at the end of the year, you need to things: 1) a giving platform and 2) giving gift cards.

People can also create an avenue for giving by helping you in your fundraising charge. As we know, most people donate when they are asked by their friends and family. Who are you asking to give this season?

3. Opportunity: Use Your Communication Channels

Earlier this year, we shared 17 ways to just ask for support from your donors. Get the word out and get creative. For example, in the final five days leading up to December 31, you could share the top five reasons people should give towards your cause. Post these to your Twitter feed, your Facebook profile, or even create an email campaign around them. If the reasons to give seem rhetorical, invite your supporerts to help by issuing a daily challenge to get involved in year-end giving efforts over the last five days in 2011.

4. BONUS: Host a Year-End Giving Day

You may be familiar with the Give to the Max Day concept that was successfully completed in a number of metro areas across the country in 2011. For December 31, why not create your own year-end giving day? Besides using the usual end of 2011/tax incentive message to invite donations, invite people to send 2011 out on a high note by making one of their last actions a giving one.

Bringing in 2012

Not all people will donate or will be able to give. In your year-end push, invite potential donors to get connected to you and your cause. Whether it’s by inviting them to follow you on Twitter, friend you on Facebook, or subscribe to email–start the relationship now. You can help grow it in 2012.

What helps you achieve your year-end giving goals?