Shining the Spotlight on Angela Daffron

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Editor’s note: here’s Margie’s second post of Women’s History Month, profiling a kick-butt woman for International Women’s Day!

Often times, when bad things happen to us or to people we care about, the temptation is to cave in, even for just a little while. The mundane details of the every day world can cease to matter. It can seem like the world is just too unfair. If you know that feeling, you also know the strength that must rest in people who can endure such things and somehow twist them around into something positive. That kind of strength exists in a woman named Angela Daffron.

You see, Angela grew up next to a young woman named Jodi. Jodi was one of those vivacious types that you could just see doing anything, but Jodi’s life was tragically cut short by a stalker—a man who had already been identified as dangerous. She went to a dance rehearsal and disappeared off the face of the earth.

Angela Daffron, Founder of Jodi's Voice

Instead of crumbling, as so many of us might, Angela used her friend’s tragic death to build the foundation of a crusade. Angela created an organization called Jodi’s Voice, the mission of which is to raise awareness about the problem of stalking, support stalking victims, and attempt to get laws passed that would better protect women who are being stalked. According to the Jodi’s Voice website, that’s 3.4 million women a year.

The even more amazing thing about Angela Daffron and Jodi’s Voice is that they are not limiting their efforts to the offline world. The organization also is raising awareness about the perils of online stalking, and there are resources available for women who are experiencing those hardships.

How can we thank Angela?

This series is not just about highlighting great women at the head of not-for-profit organizations. It’s also about letting them know how much we appreciate them and what they do.

So how can we thank Angela? Visit the Jodi’s Voice site, read some of the posts, and spread the word. Support Angela in her mission. Support women who come to you and say that they are being stalked.

Want something even more tangible? In the month of March, your Scentsy orders can help support the Jodi’s Voice mission. Read this post to learn more.

Thanks for all that you do, Angela Daffron. We see what you are doing, and we are so lucky to have you fighting the fight in which you are engaged.

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  1. Great post! I am glad to have learned about Jodi’s Voice. I will check out the foundation and probably write a blog about it too. Stalking is very scary and I am glad Angela is trying to stop it. nRenee Haynie

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