[UPDATED] Twive and Receive New Date: June 14, 2012

[UPDATED 3/30/12] A couple weeks ago we announced a new nationwide giving day called Twive and Receive, and we’re excited so many nonprofits have registered to be part of this event!

We’ve got new features being added to your online fundraising platform, and with the constant stream of nonprofits jumping on the bandwagon, we’ve moved the 24-hour fundraising marathon, Twive and Receive, to June 14, 2012!

Starting at 12AM Pacific Time on June 14, one nonprofit per city across the nation will be fundraising with the help of local social media enthusiasts to see who can raise the most. When the timer goes off at 12AM Pacific Time on June 15, the top three nonprofits with the most dollars raised get an additional cash prize:

  1. First Place: $15,000
  2. Second Place: $10,000
  3. Third Place: $5,000

Here are 3 eligibility requirements to register:

  • — Be an IRS-qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
  • — Have a program that supports a local community (national nonprofits need to supply information on how funds would be used to support the community you’re applying for)
  • — Have a social media enthusiast to champion your cause

Social media enthusiasts are taking the lead for their favorite local nonprofits and bringing some city pride into the mix. Check out a few of our champions:

  1. Baltimore, MD led by Kate Bladow
  2. Birmingham, AL led by Pam Matthews
  3. Boston, MA led by John Haydon and Joe Waters
  4. Chicago, IL led by Heidi Massey
  5. Culver City, CA led by Brian Adams
  6. Dallas, TX led by Mike Merrill
  7. Fargo, ND led by Margot Brenna
  8. Greenbelt, MD led by Rosemary Pezzuto
  9. Houston, TX led by Grace Rodriguez
  10. Kansas City, KS led by Doug Weinbrenner
  11. Lancaster, PA led by Ken Mueller
  12. Las Vegas, NV led by Leslie Carmine
  13. Leighton, AL led by Michael Merriweather
  14. New York City, NY led by Meghan Lederer
  15. Philadelphia, PA led by Gloria Bell
  16. Seattle, WA led by Shanon Doolittle
  17. Twin Cities, MN led by Dania Toscano Miwa
  18. Washington, DC led by Claudia Gwilliam

Be sure your nonprofit is registered before someone else calls dibs on your city. To register, visit: www.TwiveAndReceive.org.

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