Two Beautiful Words

Photo by cwwycoff1

In the English language, I can’t think of a nicer combination of words than “thank you.”

Of course, “I love you” is a really nice combination of words to hear someone say to you, but I think “thank you” takes the cake. Love is already embedded in there.

To thank or be thankful means you feel gratitude, although a lot of times we say it without giving it any thought. But what about when you really mean it? When someone does something for you that makes you feel indebted to them or gives you something that is overwhelming in value (not necessarily monetary) to you.

Like a sacrifice. Like their life.

To give someone else his or her life, is in my opinion, the ultimate sacrifice. And thousands of American soldiers are doing that for us today.

It’s rough out there, but our men and women are serving us from overseas so we can be home, safe, and enjoy the beauties of life.

To serve someone is one of the most beautiful acts we can do. To serve is to be selfless, to think wholly about the other person and how to help them or do something good for them—even if they don’t need it.

And our soldiers serve us without necessarily personally knowing us. This is an amazing act.

So don’t discount the power of the words “thank you.” It’s a phrase that empties all the gratefulness you feel onto another person who’s done something to serve you. Thank your donors, thank your coworkers, and thank your family and friends. Thank every person that’s done something to serve you—big or small.

But today, take time thank our soldiers.