4 Last Minute Fundraiser Tips

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I sent a note to the more than 200 registered nonprofits and fundraisers participating in the national Twive and Receive giving day next Thursday. It’s impossible to coach 200 people on the unique aspects of their individual stories, but I did have some last minute tips to get them revved up for next week’s festivities.


These four tips can be used as a check list for any campaign that’s ready to go. If you have your story straight, and you know what your goals are, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty…

1) Segment

Don’t blast communications across all media. Instead segment your stakeholder groups and media. An email is not Facebook, and volunteers are not necessarily donors or Facebook friends. Take stock of your communications media, and your email lists. Which stakeholders are where? Craft specific messages for them by stakeholder group.

2) Marinade

You marinade meats before you cook them. You need to prepare your stakeholders for the fundraiser, too. You want your network prepared and ready to embrace the fundraiser right out of the gate.

Send out an advance warning email early next week to get people prepared. If you’re hosting a live in-person event, get the word out now! Post on Facebook. Start Tweeting (and don’t forget to use the #twivereceive hashtag).

3) Loyalists

You have your board, loyalists and/or close friends. Reach out to them now! Ask them for help. Ask them to donate first so more casual supporters won’t feel like they are first. Ask them to galvanize their friends and social network contacts next Thursday to fire up a larger network effect and excitement.

4) Visuals

Today’s social media environment relies on visual elements to drive through larger traffic swells. Evaluate what visual assets you have now. If you need more for your posts next week, get your smartphone out and start taking pictures. You can also ask your loyalists if they have any photos you can use.

What last minute preparations would you offer to our Twive and Receive participants?

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