5 Facebook & 4 Pinterest Fundraising Tips

Photo Courtesy of Explorations in Math, Twive and Receive Participant

Twive and Receive is upon us! Wish us good luck to the more than 230 cities competing for $30,000 in prizes and the pride of being one of America’s Most Generous Cities.

We’ve been prepping nonprofits with tips and ideas based on our experiences in contests and online marketing. The following nine Facebook and Pinterest fundraising tips were given to our Twive friends in the past two days. These tips are meant to be simple and easy to use. Let us know what you think!

5 Facebook Tips

These five ideas will help maximize your Facebook presence for Twive and Receive:

  1. On your brand page (or personal if you are an individual fundraiser) instead of simply pasting a link to your Twive and Mightycause fundraising page and asking for a donation, use a photograph from your story and post the photo. In the description make a 1-2 sentence appeal and then include the link.
  2. In addition, you can take a screen capture of the leaderboard and say “We’re ranked at xxx for America’s Most Generous city on Twive and Receive! Help us break the top #!” And include a link to your fundraiser or twiveandreceive.org.
  3. Post two-four times during the day, two-three hours apart.
  4. Direct message your most loyal supporters from your personal Facebook account, ask them to donate and reshare your post, or create one of their own. Do this with as many close contacts as possible.
  5. Log in to your personal Facebook account, and thank your donors individually with posts on their wall. If you are not friends with them, at least post something on your wall even though you can’t tag them. You may want to publish a list of supporters on the Facebook wall so you only dedicate one post to it during the day of. Include your donation page URL at the top of the post.

4 Pinterest Tips

  1. Consider starting a Twive board, again with your fundraising page URL in the description. Here’s the Mightycause Twive and Receive board if you’d like to see an example.
  2. Populate the pin board with pictures of your donors, and thank each of them personally. Search for their pics online and add them. Then tweet out or share the pin with your donor, thanking them for joining your Twive and Receive wall of supporters.
  3. Pin your fundraising page as a social good or fundraising initiative. Make it the board cover.
  4. Add creative elements from your fundraiser to the page. Consider adding photos and videos, and be sure to link back to the fundraising page in your description.

These ideas are based on past giving days, and current methods of communicating on Facebook Timeline for Brands and Pinterest. Pinterest fundraising tips are relatively new. We’d love to here your suggestions as well.

I am sure you have tips and best practices you already use. Definitely feel free to suggest them!