No Mobile, No Future

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Much has been made about the necessity of developing a mobile web strategy. Mobile now comprises 10% of global web traffic.

This year’s Millennial Impact Report shows how important mobile has become for U.S. nonprofits. Without a mobile strategy, nonprofits have no online future.


Because millennials use their smartphone like a computer, reading e-newsletters, emailing people, and engaging in social media.

The statistical smartphone usage numbers reinforce this trend.

An astounding 77% of millennials use a smartphone to access the Internet–well above the general adult population’s use. Of the remaining 23% without a mobile phone, 70% say they intend to get one.

This trend will only increase as the next generation of teenagers matures. Mobile web use increases while email and instant messaging (IMing) decreases, according to Pew Research.

What are you thoughts on the mobile revolution?

3 thoughts on “No Mobile, No Future”

  1. It’s real. I’m the generation ahead and I use my smartphone for much of my web activity. u00a0My phone is as prevalent to me as my clothes. u00a0It’s in my pocket, on the table, six inches from my steering wheel, by my bedside. u00a0Whoever snoozes on the mobile revolution, will lose.

  2. I’m not sure how it works in the US, but in Canada, all high school students are required to volunteer for X number of hours in order to graduate. Couple that with increased mobile usage, and it’s a no brainer. Orgs MUST get into mobile.

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